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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Send My CORE/Repair?

Please leave your circuit board attached to the aluminum bracket and send it to:

1950 S Stoughton Rd

Madison, WI 53716 

What Should I Include When I Send My Repair?

Please include your name and order number in the box so we can match your board to your order when it arrives.  Please leave the circuit board attached to the aluminum heat sink that it's directly mounted on.  Most boards have pressure sensitive components at the bottom and we would be unable to warranty your repair without the heat sink attached.  Please send your circuit board in a box rather than an envelope, and pack it with bubble wrap or balled-up newspaper to prevent damage during shipping. 

Is There Anything I Need To Do After Installing the Board?

Upon receiving your repaired/refurbished circuit board, we recommend you do an AMP draw test.  This test will help you determine if there are any other issues with your treadmill that - may have caused the initial failure of your motor control board.  There are several YouTube tutorials on how to perform this test and we will be adding our own video tutorial soon. 

What Happens If You Can't Repair My Board?

If we are unable to repair your circuit board, one of our expert technicians will contact you with your options.  If we have a fully refurbished replacement board, the money you've already paid will be put toward that purchase and we will invoice you for the difference.  If we don't have a replacement available or you do not wish to get a replacement, we have a $25 Bench Test Fee (for the time involved in your original circuit board).  We will refund the balance already paid.  If you would like the un-repaired board back, you are responsible for shipping fees, or we can recycle it free of charge. 

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