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Eliminate downtime by taking advantage of our exchange program. Place your order today and we will ship out one of our circuit boards within one business day. When it arrives, place your non-working circuit board in the box and ship it back to us. You will receive a $50 core refund when we receive your non-working control board. We use OEM or better than OEM parts for all our boards. The drive will also have all the capacitors upgraded to low impedance/high reliability capacitors. This will allow the capacitors to last longer than the factory originals.  


Used In:

Bowflex series 5 and series 7


Part Number:



Send your CORE to:


Circuit Board Repair

1950 S Stoughton Rd

Madison, WI 53716



Bowflex ASM-MEE6N P/N 18506

  • CircuitBoardRepair.Net

    1950 S. Stoughton Rd.

    Madison, WI  53716

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