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Save money by repairing your broken part instead of buying it new.


Ship us your non-working circuit board, we will repair it, test it, and ship it back to you. We use only OEM or stronger than OEM components. We will fix the failure, and any other components that may have contributed to the failure. The drive will also have all of the capacitors upgraded to low impedance/high reliability capacitors. This will allow the capacitors to last longer than the factory originals.


Typical turnaround time in our shop is 48 hours.


SAP032671 / SJED08092hf

SJED08089if / SAP032669 

032671-HF / 032671HF

Where used:

AFG - Advanced Fitness Group:
1.0AT (TM319) 2008

CardioCore CT61 2006 (TM167)
Club Series CST3.5 2006 (TM160)
Club Series CST3.5X 2007 (TM203)
Club Series CST3.6 2007 (TM208)
Digital Series DT680 2007 (TM198)
Digital Series DT850 2006 (TM166)
Elite Series 1.2T 2006 (TM148)
Elite Series 1.3T 2007 (TM227)
Elite Series 2.3T 2007 (TM230)
Freespirit 30410 2005 (TM123)
Freespirit 30516 2006 (TM191)
Freespirit 30518 2006 (TM190)
Horizon CT5.1 2010 (TM625)
Horizon GS950T 2010 (TM626)
Horizon RST5.6 2007 (TM212)
Horizon T101 2010 (Before SN TM6211006CL00400)
Horizon T401 2009 (TM603)
Horizon T701 2009 (TM616)
Horizon Club T500 20082009 (TM307)
Horizon Series CT5.0 2009 (TM602B)
Horizon Series CT81 2008 (TM297B)
Horizon Series T81 2008 (TM297)
Horizon Series T90 2009 (TM617)
Horizon Series T91 2009 (TM602)
HZ Series T10K 2006 (TM170)
HZ Series T51 2005 (TM116)
HZ Series T52 2005 (TM113)
HZ Series T61 2006 (TM156)
HZ Series T62 2006 (TM157)
HZ Series T70 2006 (TM177)
HZ Series T71 2007 (TM204)
HZ Series T72 2007 (TM205)
HZ Series T95 2007 (TM202)
HZ Series WT751 2007 (TM279)
Limited Series LS760T 2008 (TM301)
Limited Series LS780T 2009 (TM606)
Limited Series LS925T 2007 (TM210)
Limited Series T605 2005 (TM120)
Limited Series T805 2005 (TM121)

Merit Fitness:
735T (TM629) 2010

SMT6.1P Folding Treadmill TM113B 2005


REPAIR SERVICE - Horizon / AFG / Livestrong - 032671hf / SJED08092hf / 032671-hf

  • Each circuit board comes with a 6-month warranty which begins when the tracking shows it arrived to you.

    • Warranty claims (repair and shipping) will be completely covered by us, unless we find that you have tampered with the control board. All of our control boards are marked inside and out, a sticker is placed on the seam of the housing, and the serial numbers are recorded. If for any reason, the sticker is damaged, or the markings / serial numbers do not match - the warranty will be void.
    • If your warranty is deemed void, we will ship the board back to you at your expense - should you so choose.
  • CircuitBoardRepair.Net

    1950 S. Stoughton Rd.

    Madison, WI  53716

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