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Save money by repairing your broken part instead of buying it new.


Ship us your non-working circuit board, we will repair it, test it, and ship it back to you.  We use only OEM or stronger than OEM components.  We will fix the failure, and any other components that may have contributed to the failure.  The drive will also have all of the capacitors upgraded to low impedance/high reliability capacitors. This will allow the capacitors to last longer than the factory originals.  


Typical turnaround time in our shop is 48 hours. 

Part # 92257


93T ATS100000 - 100845
93T THH100000
93T THI100000
93T TSB100000
93T TTD100000
93T TTW 93T-0100-08 ONLY
93TW AWJ100000
93TW THJ100000
93TW WTB100000
95T ATT100000 SST100000
95T TTJ100000
95T TTJ100000 SST100000
95TE ATU10000
95TE TTE100000
95TW TWF100000
95TW WTE100000
97TE ATW100000
97TE TTM100000
97Ti ATV100000
97Ti TTO100000
97TW TWG100000
97TW TWZ100000
97TW WTD100000
T9i TTF100000

REPAIR SERVICE - Life Fitness Circuit Board A080-92257-C000

  • Circuit board repairs come with a 6-month warranty which begins when the tracking shows it arrived to you.

    • Warranty claims (repair and shipping) will be completely covered by us, unless we find that you have tampered with the repaired circuit board.  All of our control boards are marked inside and out, a sticker is placed on the seam of the plastic, and the serial numbers are recorded.  If for any reason, the sticker is damaged, or the markings / serial numbers do not match - the warranty will be void. 
    • If your warranty is deemed void, we will ship the board back to you at your expense - should you so choose.
  • CircuitBoardRepair.Net

    1950 S. Stoughton Rd.

    Madison, WI  53716

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