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This listing is for the REPAIR of your circuit board.  You send it to us, we repair it and send it back.  The circuitry will be completely refurbished with new components that are better and stronger than the originals. Please send in your board still attached to the heat sink/aluminum mounting bracket. Many of the boards have pressure sensitive components and we cannot properly repair and warranty them without the heat sink/aluminum mounting bracket. 


Our Refurbishing Process:

When a circuit board arrives it’s run through some initial testing.  If your controller passes initial testing, we will call you to discuss the symptoms you are experiencing and help you further troubleshoot. 

If your controller fails initial testing, it goes through the repair process.  The service team will replace any components that have failed, any components that may have led to the failure, and any components that may have been damaged by the failure.  In addition, there are a few components that get replaced on every repair that we do - to make the controller stronger than it was originally. 

When the repair is complete, the circuit board will be put in a treadmill and tested for full function prior to being shipped back – free of charge!   


The repair comes with a 6 month warranty which begins when the tracking number says it arrives to you.

Warranty claims (repair and shipping) will be completely covered by us, unless we find that you have tampered with the repaired controller.  All of our circuit boards are marked inside and out, and the serial numbers are recorded.  If for any reason, the sticker is damaged, or the markings / serial numbers do not match - the warranty will be void.  If your warranty is deemed void, we will ship the circuit board back to you at your expense.


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