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Save money by sending us your non-working control board and we will repair it for you! Typical turnaround time is 48 hours. 


Part #'s:
A002020007, A00202000, A21201017
Where used:


Spirit Xterra TR6.3, TR 6.4. TR 6.6, TR 6.65, TR 6.8 

Repair Service - Spirit Xterra B110S-S10 Lower Control Board

  • CircuitBoardRepair.Net

    1950 S. Stoughton Rd.

    Madison, WI  53716

  • Circuit board repairs come with a 6-month warranty which begins when the tracking shows it arrived to you.

    • Warranty claims (repair and shipping) will be completely covered by us, unless we find that you have tampered with the repaired circuit board. All of our control boards are marked inside and out, a sticker is placed on the seam of the plastic, and the serial numbers are recorded. If for any reason, the sticker is damaged, or the markings / serial numbers do not match - the warranty will be void.
    • If your warranty is deemed void, we will ship the board back to you at your expense - should you so choose.
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