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Save money by repairing your broken part instead of buying it new.


Ship us your non-working circuit board, we will repair it, test it, and ship it back to you. We use only OEM or stronger than OEM components. We will fix the failure, and any other components that may have contributed to the failure. The drive will also have all of the capacitors upgraded to low impedance/high reliability capacitors. This will allow the capacitors to last longer than the factory originals.


Typical turnaround time in our shop is 48 hours.

AFG - Advanced Fitness Group:
5.1AT - TM427 (After SN TM4271208BC00001)
5.1AT - TM427 - 2012 (Before SN TM4271208BC00001)
7.3AT - TM450C - 2014
LS15.0T - 2012 (TM450)
LS15.0T-C1 - 2012 (TM450B)
LSPRO1 - 2012 (TM423)
Classic - T40 - 2012 (TM433 & TM435)
Classic - T40 - After 02-01-2014 (TM433 & TM435)
Classic - TF40 - 2012 - Titanium Silver (TM434 & TM435)